Calf Start-R Milk w/ Cocci-Kill, code 1300
Calf Pow-R TNT, code 322
Calf R-Ration Special w/ Cocci-Kill, code 411
Tend-R-Leen Grower w/ Sodium Diacetate and Deccox , code 532
Tend-R-Leen Ultra Finisher, code 536
Product Advantages

Milk Replacer
Calf Starter Milk, code 1300

  • SDA 11# of gain advantage
  • Less scours
  • Designed for growth
  • Available with Deccox

Calf Starter
Calf-R-Ration Special with Cocci-Kill,
code 411

  • Steam flaked corn
  • Stub oats
  • Same protein as 532
  • Milk protein

Calf Grower
Tend-R-Leen® Grower with Deccox and Sodium Diacetate, code 532

  • SDA & Deccox gain advantages
  • Milk products
  • Concentrated yeast
  • Complete mineral balance
  • High vitamin levels
  • Protein (amino acid) designed & balanced for fast growing calves

Tend-R-Leen® Ultra Finisher,
code 536

  • Complete supplement of all proteins, minerals & vitamins
  • High levels of vitamin A & E
  • Rumensin/Tylan
  • Easy feeding rate (1 1/2 lbs./hd/day)
  • High quality protein (amino acids) sources
  • Sodium Diacetate

Tend-R-Leen® PE,
code 529

  • Two (2) pound feeding rate.
  • Contains highly digestible sources of fiber and physically effective fiber.
  • Rumensin/Tylan
  • Balanced to provide the essential amino acids that are not in corn to maximize growth.
  • Contains all the essential vitamins and minerals to provide everything your steers need when mixed with corn.